Corporate events are an integral part of an organization. Whether you are a start up venture or multinational, corporate events give you
a chance to enhance business opportunities. With Stimulus you get the finest event planner in India who will take down all the
responsibility from the moment you step into our office for discussions till the final event is done,
our team would provide unparalleled support.

Budget Calculator

Deciding the budget for a 20 people group for a conference and incentive tour or for a normal holiday can feel like plucking a figure out of the air. But if you break it down and think about what you might spend in a few key areas, you can get a realistic travel budget in mind.

Booker's Program

Planning for a corporate trip in next 30 days and your organization product launch in next 60 days. You also have a deadline to cut short a list of best agencies and report to your boss. And the BIG problem is your rapport is on stake if anything goes wrong.

Locations Covered

client's speak

With work culture getting focused on core competency, the peripheral work functions are often ignored. Restraint of time, lack of sufficient data and right manpower prevent us from achieving the desired excellence level.

Our Showcase

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Exciting Deals

Get exciting deals everytime you assosciate with us. Its just our gesture to say Thank You!

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