Booker Program

About Booker Program

Planning for a corporate trip in next 30 days and your organization product launch in next 60 days. You also have a deadline to cut short a list of best agencies and report to your boss. And the BIG problem is your rapport is on stake if anything goes wrong.


Speak to the pioneers of MICE now and also get a chance to redeem one of the biggest bonuses. Our rewards program operates on a point based system, which will automatically get updated on your account.


We will be happy to arrange a free trip to Thailand with your family OR a royal dinner at the five star restaurants or even a whopping cash. Its just our gesture to say Thank You for your trust on us.

Program Benefits

  • Get a embossed card
  • Free Gift With First Booking
  • Special Birthday and Anniversary Offer
  • Invite To Move Premier Show
  • Invite To Annuanal Networking Dinner
  • Special Incentives On Referrals Given and More on Referral Closed

Trip To Thailand

Become A Booker

More Points More Rewards

1000 Points

Dinner in a 5 Star Hotel

3000 Points

Travel To Thailand Single Person

5000 Points

Singapore Trip

Terms and Conditions

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